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My Top lakorn of the Year

Jaew Jai Rai Gub Khun Chai Teweda (The wicked Jaew and the Godly Mr Chai)

This lakorn I rated the top, since I watched it for like the 10th time, on repeat, non-stop. (I’m serious when I said I watched non-stop) My sisters were like, you’re obess. I guess I am. This story has all the required elements: Love, envy, status, and comedy. I laughed my head off throughout the whole lakorn. Synopsis: Jaew was summoned from her job at the forest resort to her grandma’s side because her grandma had an accident. Her grandma was worried because no one was able to look after her young charge. So she asked Jew to look after the little boy. Jaew agreed only because her grandma asked her to. What she does not know is that the little boy that she was supposed to look after was acturally a grown up man. What will Jaew do when she finds out. For the character of Jaew, just got to say that I love her. She has this cool essence about her that makes me love her. Mr Chai, is also cool. I love how he is so arrogant but at the end he succumb to Jaew’s charm. For all of you out there who has not seen this lakorn, I suggest to check it out. Very awesome.

Poo Yai Lee Gub Nang Ma (The headman Lee and Mistress Ma)

Again this one is a comedy. I love comedy. This one is set in the country. A quick synaposis: Mistress Ma is a supermodel who is quick well known among the citizens in Bangkok. She is like one of the big stars. Anyway, her grandma own a lot of land in the country. Ma did not want to live in the country because she would have to farm rice in order to make a living. As all lakorn stories go, Ma was summoned from Bangkok, as her grandma left her the land because she passed away. Her grandma said that if she does not want to keep the land, she could only sell it to Headman Lee. Headman Lee was the one that summoned her from Bangkok but she did not know at the time that he was Headman Lee. Anyway, many misunderstanding occurs due to this reasons. This story I give it a 5 out of 5. One of the best of the year.


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About me

Hello everyone who is reading my blog. I’m a thai lakorn freak. Well I’m actually a khmer girl who live in New Zealand, but I like to keep up to date with all the asian media, especially thai and khmer. You can just call me Chanthea. I love thai lakorn so much that I sometimes wish  that our lives can contain some elements of thai lakorn like the comedy and love theme portrayed in the lakorns. My blog will be dedicated mostly to lakorns that I love plus as a side dish, about my romantic novels that I will be writing. One day I want to become a famous romantic writer. Ok, without further ado, lets get on with the interesting stuff. Ha ha (now I sound like a witch)….to my thai lakorns………………..

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